commissions, projects and testimonials

I love to be commissioned to draw or paint something – it is lovely to be challenged to draw something to a brief. I can do sketchy illustrations, or full watercolour paintings. Contact me to discuss your ideas. Here are some commissions I have had, along with some comments from my customers and recipients.

1970 wedding

This was to be a gift to the happy couple from their sons to celebrate an important anniversary. I wanted to make more of the setting, but we were unsure of the church – there were a few options. So, with the help of my clients’ carefully subtle questioning of their parents, and my internet […]

Love cargo

Here, I was asked to create a portrait of a family’s bicycles, along the line of my Love bikes painting. The centrepiece was to be the family’s much loved cargo bike, complete with comfort blankets. “I wanted to once again thank you for the lovely painting. My children, husband and I really love it and […]


A few years ago, I painted Elisa and Antonio’s lovely dog Barney. This time they came to me with the sad news that their beloved cat Lola had passed away, and they wanted me to capture her beauty in a painting. Elisa gave me photos of Lola, and a photo of her favourite window ledge […]

Cambridge Alumni

I was asked to create the image for this year’s seasonal greeting to all University of Cambridge alumni. It was another heart-in-mouth white ink and a toothbrush snow moment once the painting was finished. I enjoyed thinking, whilst I was painting it, of famous alumni that would receive this in their inboxes, including my illustration […]

The Blyth Building, Christs College

This was a quick turnaround commission for the University of Cambridge, to be given as a gift to someone retiring from post.  I understand the location had special significance to the recipient. “Just a note that the painting arrived to us yesterday afternoon (a day ahead of schedule). It looks beautiful. Thank you again so much for […]

Milton House

Karena has previously bought my paintings, but this time wanted something personal. She asked if I could draw their lovely house in Milton, and have all the family, including their beloved cats in the painting. There is also a sculpture in the garden by a previous owner which Karena and her family treasure. I was […]

Old and New Courts, Corpus Christi

Rowena asked my to paint both Old and New Courts at Corpus Christi College, as a graduation present from her parents. I included Rowena and her parents in one painting, and Rowena with her grandmothers in the other. “We wanted to buy our daughter some artwork of Cambridge for her PhD graduation to reflect the […]

Chesterton cottage

I was asked to paint this lovely cottage near the River Cam by three sisters whose parents were moving from their family home. Whilst I was secretly taking the photos, the couple’s supermarket delivery arrived, almost exposing me! “Naomi paid a lot of attention to all the small details when painting our old home and […]

Jesus College wedding invitation

Sarah & Jake asked me whether they could use one of my paintings as a wedding invitation for their Christmas wedding at Jesus College in Cambridge. I created some simple penwork that they could use as an overlay. “We have bought a number of different meaningful prints from Naomi, so when we saw she had […]

Wedding invitations for S&T

This commission was for a painting which the couple could keep, which was also to be used for their wedding invitations. They wanted a story of their day as a map in Cambridge, starting with the Reception and Service at Magdalene College, followed by punts along the Cam, and an evening party in Barrington with dancing, […]

What’s on for T & C

I was asked to paint a personalised version of my popular What’s on painting for a Cambridge couple, and to make it a Christmas scene. So I collected lots of information about what they were into, and included as much as I could on the posters. The bikes were theirs. I wanted to change the […]

Primo bacio (first kiss)

I love a romantic commission – this was a very special anniversary present, commissioned in secret. I had to work from photos, as the budget didn’t cover flights abroad. I especially enjoyed the challenge of trying to recreate the azulejos panels on the outside of this beautiful place, and to capture the romanticism of this […]

Audrey and Lucie

A last minute request for a painting to celebrate a 90th birthday and to remember a faithful friend. For this one I was working from a number of photographs. I wanted to capture both the bond between this elegant lady and her beloved dog, and also their similarities of colour and tone. Apart from the […]

Chesterton town house

This family was leaving Cambridge after many years, and wanted a memory of their lovely house. I really enjoyed drawing and painting their beautiful bricks, and made the decision to keep in the wheelie bins, the services box, and the parking sign. These are the things that make it really feel it is their house. […]

Christ’s College

I was asked by the Master and Developement Director of Christ’s College to work on some paintings of the College. This involved me visiting the college on a number of occasions and scouting out good locations and fresh ideas. As always, I like to do something a bit out of the ordinary – a view or […]

Boxing Club

I was commissioned by Gary Davidson of the Trumpington Boxing Club, now Albion Boxing Academy to capture the club’s gym in the Romsey Labour Club on the corner of Mill Road and Coleridge Road in Cambridge. The building was to be demolished, and Gary wanted to commemorate it in some way. He invited me along […]

Cambridge Classics

Cambridge Classics are a local family firm that make handmade wooden bespoke architecturally sympathetic windows and doors. They asked me to paint my take on a Cambridge streetscene to be used as their company logo across their company. It was to be used on their fleet of vans, their tradespeople’s workwear, and on all their company […]

St Andrews, Stapleford

This was a commission to celebrate a first wedding anniversary. The bride wrote me a lovely email to say how much it meant to her. The confetti on the ground and the time on the clock suggest it’s just after their wedding.

Lunch at the Moringa Tree

This was a painting commissioned as a surprise gift depicting a very favourite place on a very special day. As I love The Moringa Tree Cafe in Haslingfield, and had been wanting to paint it for a while, this was a dream commission!

Trumpington Church

This was a commission of the St Mary and St Michael Church in Trumpington – to be a leaving present for the outgoing vicar from his parishioners. I found this lovely view of the church by clambering in the honeysuckle, and sneaked the vicar in the painting, too. “Andy loved the painting and so did everyone […]

The Blue Moon

I seem to have had quite a few paintings of pubs as commissions recently! For this one, of The Blue Moon on Norfolk Street, I added a surprise for my customer – I included them in the painting (facing away, so no embarrassment!)

Grantchester Meadows

This was a challenging painting – I was asked to paint a certain spot on Grantchester Meadows, on a certain November day. I was asked to include the water lilies and the weeping willow that had added to the beauty of a certain moment. When I went, armed with Google Maps, to find the exact […]

Restaurant 22

Sam Carter and Alex Olivier, the new owners of Restaurant 22 on Chesterton Road, Cambridge, commissioned me to paint the restaurant for use on the greetings cards that they give diners who are celebrating a special occasion. I suggested I paint the restaurant’s iconic stained glass window, but from the inside, which is how you […]

Woodbarn Farm

This painting of a lovely Cambridgeshire thatched farmhouse was a part of a pair for someone who may well soon be moving on from this little piece of heaven in the country. ‘I am absolutely thrilled with your painting of the shepherd’s hut, thank you so much. I am really delighted to have this and it […]

Shepherd’s hut

This painting of a shepherd’s hut under a beautiful weeping willow was a part of a pair for someone who may well soon be moving on from this little piece of heaven in the country. ‘I am absolutely thrilled with your painting of the shepherd’s hut, thank you so much. I am really delighted to […]

Cambridge Judge Business School

I recently completed a painting for the Judge Business School, part of the University of Cambridge. They are using this design for prints and gifts for their VIP guests. This painting was one of the trickiest I have ever painted – so many fiddly bits!

Aabelard apron for Eat Cambridge

Not so much a commission as a joint project. Philippa Hayward of the gorgeous Aabelard asked me to draw ‘my’ Cambridge skyline directly onto the leather of one of their beautiful aprons, as a competition prize for photography as part of the Eat Cambridge festival. Nerve wracking, but thrilling too!

Clare independent shops

I really enjoyed painting six of the lovely independent shops that make Clare in Suffolk such a gem of a place. They were commissioned by Sarah Barrington who runs one of these – Blue Dog Clare, and I supply her with cards featuring them. “Having seen Naomi’s work in another shop, I commissioned an illustration […]

Science Team

I was asked by a university Professor to help with some drawings of members of a multidisciplinary team applying for a big grant. The aim was to unify their portraits for the big presentation – to give some idea of the members of the team without being bogged down by the details and differences in […]

Canoes on the Cam

This was painted as a Christmas present from Caroline Duffy to her husband Mark. As she is a design professional, with images at the heart of her business, Picture Genie, I felt especially honoured that she chose to commission me. “I had been a huge admirer of Naomi’s watercolour paintings for a number of years […]


A woman and her family commissioned me to paint her grandparents at their own front door surrounded by all the visitors they regularly had to their beautiful garden. I had a list of what I needed to include. Can you spot the fox, hedgehog, woodpecker, chaffinches, wrens, black squirrel, blue tits and the pigeon? The house is named […]

By the bike rack

This couple had previously enjoyed chatting about all the different Cambridge places in my paintings over a pizza at Tradizioni. So, for Christmas, he asked me to paint their first meeting – by the bike rack at closing time at The White Swan on Mill Road. It was to be a surprise, so the preparatory photos involved us roping […]

Love bikes 2

I was asked by a couple to recreate Love Bikes, but with the couple’s own favourite bikes. And when I randomly sprinkled the salt, as I sometimes do in my paintings, it started to work some unexpected magic, creating a perfect ring appeared. I think it made the painting even more about love than the first […]

Grantchester Street

I was asked to paint two paintings to sit alongside a painting of mine that had been previously purchased from Primavera Gallery. This one was of the family house in Grantchester Street, Cambridge. “Naomi was a pleasure to deal with for our two commissioned pieces – her focus on understanding what we had in mind […]

Jesus College Cambridge

As a Jesuan myself, I was super-chuffed to be commissioned by Jesus College to paint the famous Chimney – the grand entrance that faced me all those years ago. My design was used for a tea towel design, a pair of matching greetings cards, and for limited edition prints. The tea towels and cards are available […]

Meggy’s house

This was a commissioned painting of her Cambridge house for Meggy to give to her mother. She wanted it to show the grandchildren playing in the yard, as they do, but also as she used to do back at home when she was a child. There were amazing similarities between Meggy’s house now and the old […]


“My husband surprised me on my 40th birthday with an amazing painting by Naomi of our Pilates studio, complete with our gorgeous boxer dog in the garden. I absolutely love it. Naomi’s attention to detail and careful compositions are extraordinary. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. In fact, I am about to commission a painting […]

The Elm Tree

This was a painting commissioned by the bride as a wedding present for her groom. She wanted me to paint the Elm Tree pub on Orchard Street, Cambridge as the couple have had many happy times there getting to know each other. I included the street sign for Eden Street, because I thought that was especially appropriate […]

Sidney Sussex

This commission was a partner to my painting of Portugal Street. Someone who had seen my work on Twitter commissioned a painting for her two sons who had both studied at Cambridge. This was for the son who studied at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. I really enjoyed handing both paintings over to her in London.

Tennis Court Road

This was a commission by an American family that wanted something to remember their lovely Cambridge house by. I included their son parking his bike and their daughter and cat looking out of the windows.


“If only Naomi had been there when my son unwrapped the painting we commissioned for his 21st birthday. His hands flew to his mouth in astonishment and he was overwhelmed that the painting so captured his end of Portugal Street. He had an extremely happy second year living there and Naomi’s painting – the atmosphere, […]

Bumps on the Cam

A birthday present for a serious rower! I’m not into rowing (I prefer to watch a cycle race any day!), but I relished the challenge of getting a composition that worked, and trying to catch the action of the Bumps.


“We were so pleased that Naomi was one of the first artists for our greeting card collaboration. Not only did we receive a beautiful piece of art from Naomi, but we were also the beneficiaries of her expertise which was invaluable to our project and key to its success. Naomi’s cards have sold very well […]

Seaside Lodge

“Naomi sketched our seaside holiday cabin – and we loved how she captured it. She checked in with us over subject matter and composition – and we loved everything she suggested.” Joanna, Bolthole Properties. This was a lovely commission to have – staying in the amazing Seaside Lodge at Anderby Creek on the Lincolnshire coast […]

White Cottage Bakery

“Thank you so much for the wonderful series of pictures you have produced for us. A simple loaf is notoriously hard to capture both in photography and on paper, and yet you managed to do so, so brilliantly and, apparently, so effortlessly! Your simple pen and ink strokes captured our products elegantly, with style and […]

Cookery School

“We commissioned Naomi to create original art for our café. Naomi gave us iconic and highly evocative images of our interiors and food which have had an important and hugely positive impact on the atmosphere in our café” Tina Roche Tina Roche of the Cambridge Cookery School asked me to provide some large scale artwork […]

Brown’s, Cambridge

This family loved Brown’s in Cambridge, and have had many family celebrations there. They asked me to paint their favourite restaurant, with them in it. I really enjoyed using a limited palette here. I love it, too, when customers send me photos of my paintings in their forever homes.

Cambridge Payroll

“I commissioned Naomi to draw pictures of the team for our website rather than just have photos taken.  I am so pleased with how they look and Naomi made the whole process stress free.  She gave me some really great advice and ideas.  I will happily go back to Naomi when we need more portraits […]


“I smile every time I look at the painting Naomi did for us of Clowns – it was just what we wanted and I couldn’t recommend her enough.” Helen. A couple asked me to paint the interior of the famous Clowns café in Cambridge, as they’d had their first date there, and it held many […]


Droplet, a smartphone payment app system commissioned me to do images for their Cambridge advertising campaign. My series of Cambridge Independents featured some of my favourite Cambridge independent businesses placed next to others, not necessarily their true geographic neighbours. The resulting poster featured in shop windows and in the local press.