about me

I live with my physicist husband, teenage daughter, and a little dog who thinks he’s a big dog. Apart from a couple of years in Milan, Italy, we have lived in Cambridge for nearly thirty years.

My previous job was running a detective agency. Well, family history detection, anyway. I now don’t have time to do much with  Helpful Genealogy , but I do miss solving tricky family history mysteries, and researching complex family trees. It’ was like doing a never-ending crossword puzzle. Except that it had to end, as it was too time consuming to enable me to draw and paint as much as I wanted to.

I started painting again as a way of winding down when I was too involved with these baffling mysteries. A chance to use the left side of my brain for a change. I do quick bold sketches, usually in ink, and then often complete with watercolours. I especially love to draw when engaging in my other hobbies – drinking coffee, eating out, and watching cycle racing.

I love doing commissions, painting and drawing my favourite city, and also the places I visit. I have a proven track record in working with companies and organisations to deliver the artwork they want.

If you’d like to contact me, to see how I could help with your project, or just to ask a question, send me an email – naomidaviesart@gmail.com

You can hear an interview with me on local radio, Cambridge 105, talking about my art, and my story. (Starts at 1hr 38 mins)

Naomi by Mike Sim colour

photo: Michael J Sim